Ridgewood NJ Property Tax Rate

Ridgewood NJ Property Tax Rate

tax rate

Ridgewood, NJ is a quintessential suburban town in the heart of Bergen County. Known for its easy access to NYC, great school district, and unrivaled convenience, many people flock to Ridgewood each year seeking the perfect place to call home. In this article, we will highlight some of the reasons why Ridgewood NJ is a great place to live.

Availability of unique modern luxury homes

Homes for sale in Ridgewood NJ are unique in design and offer modern luxury. Many of the homes within Ridgewood have unique architecture and a “wow” factor. The combination of the artistic architecture, wide-open spaces, and great schools make Ridgewood a top location for families looking for a home full of character, without taking out a second mortgage. Ridgewood NJ property tax rate is 2.708% which is favorable to the residents.

Clean and safe streets

The community of Ridgewood is dedicated to the safety and beauty of its streets. As a result, Ridgewood boasts clean, well-maintained roads and sidewalks. The town’s high standards ensure that even during the coldest winter days, pedestrians can feel safe walking to school or work. It is not uncommon to see a resident out shoveling their sidewalk; in fact, many residents volunteer to help keep our town beautiful.

Easy access to New York city

there is mass transportation throughout the area and to New York City. Ridgewood NJ is probably the closest town to New York City as far as public transportation is concerned. Being close to New York, it’s easy for Ridgewood commuters to have New York-area jobs without the need for a car.

School district

ridgewood nj school

While all of the Ridgewood schools are highly rated, students and parents are best served by enrolling in public schools. The public schools in Ridgewood have a reputation for excellence. All of the public schools in Ridgewood are fully accredited by the state, and all have received numerous recognition and awards. High test scores, small classes, extensive extracurricular programs, and a comprehensive curriculum make Ridgewood’s public schools worth the price of admission.

Availability of social and recreational amenities

Engaging in different activities in Ridgewood is not a hustle. The place has different parks and children’s playgrounds, and others. People in the town host various gatherings and events regularly. Ridgewood is a very social town where everyone knows everyone. The town’s vibrant arts scene, active civic life, and the great mix of neighbors make it easy to get involved in social activities.


Ridgewood knows how to feed you. Fresh produce and an array of ethnic foods are everywhere, from local farmers’ markets to corner bodegas. There are many coffee shops, pubs, and fine dining locations. You can enjoy Turkish, Italian, Thai, and different kinds of Mexican food available in the town.

Sub-urban feel

The town is quiet and well kept. It offers a small-town feeling, but it’s close to New York City. People who have not been to the area would think that they are in a small city. The community is welcoming, and large families and people who are new to the area love Ridgewood NJ


Ridgewood NJ is a great place to live. It offers nice weather, easy access to New York City, and top-rated public schools, among other amenities. With its rich history and artistic culture, Ridgewood is one of the best places to live in Bergen County.

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