Alpine NJ Property Tax Rate

Alpine NJ Tax Rate = .777% (as of April 21, 2022)

Alpine is one of the most expensive towns to own Real Estate in New Jersey.

Prices Range from 1.6 Million to 10 Million or even higher. You will find that when searching our database prices for the Borough of Alpine will be very high , however the reason people want to live in Alpine New Jersey , is luxury! Luxurious living comes at a price!

Low Property tax rate, but high priced Real Estate.

What is the tax rate in Alpine New Jersey?

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Taxes in New Jersey are collected by the state, and the amount of taxes paid is based on the value of the property. In Alpine, the property tax rate is 0.777% of the assessed value. This rate is used to calculate the amount of taxes owed by the property owner.

The property tax rate is one of the lowest in New Jersey.

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